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We design and create websites specifically to help your business grow.

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Get More Customers In Your Area

We are a web design company and one of our services is providing website marketing for local businesses. 


Each website we create is made to be found by your local customers on Google, helping you to grow your business.


Designed To Be Found On Google

Having a great web design is one thing, but if your website doesn’t have any visitors then you can’t make sales for your business. Our websites are designed from the ground up to be Google friendly. We guarantee that your company will be found on Google when we develop the website for you.

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Fully Editable By You Or Your Staff

Our web designs are made to be editable by you. Once your site is live you will have full access to edit each of the pages if you require.


We’ll even train you how to use the system!


SEO Optimised

Every WiseClicks site is Search Engine Optimised. This means that from the very start your website can be found by your customers who are searching for you locally online.


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Super Fast Loading

Fast loading by design

Every website we develop is hosted on fast servers and all content is optimised to make sure that load times are super fast.

This means that your customers will love it and Google will treat it favourably in the search results.

Get Found When Local Customers Search For Your Services

Just building a website and hoping for customers to find you online isn’t enough. You need a clear strategy to help you grow your business using your website.

There’s one important statistic  that all local business owners should know:

  • 97% of users find out more about a local business online than any other place.

This means that most people who are looking for a business such as yours are going online first. So you absolutely have to have a well performing website to find new customers. If your website is outdated or isn’t performing very well on the search engines (Google) then you’re missing out on a giant slice of customers.

There’s a good chance other businesses who you compete against are taking your sales and you don’t even know it.

There are so many things to consider when building a website for your business:

  • User Experience (UX)

The User Experience is the website itself and everything is consists of. What experience does the user expect to see and what experience do you want them to have? The experience includes things like the website design, colours, layout and branding. 

One of the things that is often overlooked is the website performance and the site loading speed.

  • Website Loading Speed

When designing a website, the loading speed is often overlooked. The speed that a website loads affects the user experience massively. If you’ve ever been using slow broadband or have had to wait for a website to load you know just how frustrating it can be.

We avoid all of the problems by making sure that your business website is ultra fast. The entire website is designed from scratch to be as fast as possible.

  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design

Everyone has multiple devices these days. To perform well your business website needs to have a responsive design so that it works on mobiles, desktops and tablets. All of the websites we have designed work across all devices and automatically resize the content of the site to match the screen size it’s being viewed on.

Optimised For All Devices

Every website design is optimised to work on mobile, tablet and desktop. Your site will look great on all devices!

Project Highlight

Farthings Nursery School

Farthings Nursery contacted us to design them a unique website that would show off their location which is in a woodland area next to the Memorial Fields in Ottershaw, Surrey. We used earthy tones and specially crafted graphics to make the website really stand out.


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