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Why is SEO so important?

Google’s market share in the UK is over 92%, currently other search engines just can’t compete against them.

Google offers the best search engine in the world in terms of the most relevant results to the search queries that are made by the general public. They also own a huge range of other companies including Youtube, which has the 2nd largest amount of searches made after the Google search engine.

So Google owns the 2 top spots when it comes to being able to bring visitors to your website.

The Google My Business effect

For local businesses the quickest way to get your business found by your local customers is to create a Google My Business listing. You can get one up and running quickly and it’s very simple to setup.

It’s best to have your own website to go with the listing along with some good photos of your business and the services it offers.

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Reviews, reviews and more reviews

To ‘win’ in the Google My Business listings you need to get good reviews from as many of your customers as you can. The more local 5 star reviews you’re able to get from happy customers, the better chance you have of getting more business from the search results.



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